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For your protection and ours, and as per government regulations, we have implemented the following guidelines during the pandemic, for safe the operation of our guest house.

On arrival:

  • A guest screening station will be set-up in main entrance.
  • Staff will be wearing full PPE.
  • Guests will be required to wear masks, sanitise hands, and have temperature taken.
  • They will then complete a screening questionnaire as per government requirements, or click on the link at the bottom of this page for the online questionnaire.
  • Once cleared the guest may proceed to reception to check-in.

Guests staying at See More Guest House:

  • Guests are encouraged to wash their hands regularly.
  • Guests will be required to wear a mask, except in their bedroom or eating.
  • If a guest stays longer than one night, their temperature will be monitored daily.
  • Guests are to keep 2 metres distance from other guests and staff, unless it’s with people/family they arrived with.
  • We have temporarily changed the way breakfast is served, so as to prevent spread of Covid19.  A plated breakfast will replace the buffet, and breakfast will be served in rooms if you would prefer.

Guest with symptoms:

  • If a guest has symptoms on arrival, they should be asked to return home where possible and asked to contact their healthcare professional and self-isolate and monitor symptoms. This is unless symptoms are already severe, in which case a medical professional should be consulted immediately.
  • If a guest cannot return home, they will be checked in to a designated COVID19 holding room, and prompt testing will be arranged. They will be required to stay in their room, and temperature monitored 3 times a day. If symptoms worsen, or persist for than 1 day, a medical professional should be consulted.

Online Questionnaire